igni.online is the culmination of Paul Bryant's vision for the future of fire strategy formulation, evaluation and approval. The idea was sparked following a meeting in late 2016 with a principal enforcing authority fire engineer. He realised that the preparation of fire strategies had to change.  He would devise a term to represent  his concept. That term is "Holistic Fire Strategy".

A colleague from Poland, Dorota Brzezińska, a professor at the   suggested that he developed the idea at a University in Poland -  the Lodz University of Technology. From 2018 until right now, Paul has continued within the formalised framework of a PhD.

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Professor Dorota Brzezińska has been teaching about ventilation and fire protection systems at the Faculty of Process and Environmental Engineering at Lodz University of Technology since 1999. She also lectures on the subject of smoke control systems at Technical University of Warsaw, and The Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw.
She has been involved in research about smoke control systems since 1998.
Her research is focused on smoke control and daily ventilation systems in buildings and car parks. She has got extensive experience in the design of ventilation and smoke control systems in real objects. During her parallel work in her own private company she was the author of  more than 550 reports based on CFD simulations, that constituted guidelines for smoke control systems in different structures of polish buildings, such as sport halls, shopping centres, tunnels, car parks, industrial boiler houses, office buildings etc.